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The Complete List of Book Jackets designed by E McKnight Kauffer for the Bollingen Series 1947 -1954

Updated: Feb 11


Bollingen Series VIII

Prehistoric Pottery and Civilisation in Egypt

Max Raphael

Translated by Norbert Gutterman

Strangely the author's name does not appear on the cover

Raphael fled Germany after a period of incarceration in a concentration camp, arriving in New York in 1941

This was his second book for the Bollingen Series

He committed suicide in 1952


Bollingen Series IX

On The Iliad

Rachel Bespaloff

Translated by Mary McCarthy for a fee of $750

Introduction by Hermann Broch

1948 Bollingen Series X Psychic Energy: Its Source and Its Goal

M Esther Harding (Foreword by C G Jung)

Unusually, this cover carries E McKnight Kauffer's

name on the front. The majority of the of the Bollingen Series credit McKnight Kauffer as the designer of the

cover on the inside flap


Bollingen Series XI The King and the Corpse

Heinrich Zimmer

Edited by Joseph Campbell

Also carries McKnight Kauffer name

on cover


Bollingen Series XII

The Limits of Art: an anthology

Edited by Huntington Cairns

Paul Mellon observed: "His [Cairns] encyclopaedic knowledge and wide range of intellectual interests are astonishing" Anthropology, legal philosophy, Plato, literary criticism, and twentieth century poetry

A preliminary design for The Limits of Art

Possibly rejected by editorial team

A crude interpretation was used on a later

edition of the book


Bollingen Series XIII

Egyptian Servant Statues

James H Breasted Jr

Also carries McKnight Kauffer name

on cover


Bollingen Series XV

Exile and Other Poems

St-John Perse

(Alexis Leger)

Translated by Denis Devlin


Second edition

by McKnight Kauffer


Bollingen Series XVI

Lectures in Criticism

R.P. Blackmur, Benedetto Croce, Henry M Peyre, John Crowe Ransom, Herbert Read, Allen Tate; edited by Elliott Coleman, introduced by Huntingdon Cairns


Bollingen Series XVII

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Joseph Campbell


Bollingen Series XVIII

Navaho Religion

Gladys A Reichard

Reviewers proclaimed the book to be a milestone in Native American studies


Bollingen Series XI

The I Ching, or Book of Changs

Richard Wilhelm /

Translated by Cary F Baynes

Preface by Hellmut Wilhelm


Bollingen Series XX

Volume 7 of The Collected Works of C G Jung

Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

(21 Volumes published between 1953 – 1979)

Edited by Gerhard Adler, Michael Fordham, Herbert Read, and (executive editor) William McGuire.

Translated by R F C Hull

1950 Bollingen Series XXI

Religion and the Cure of Souls in Jung’s Psychology

Hans Schaer

Translated by R F C Hull

One reviewer wrote: "Psychologists and psychotherapists may read this book with almost as much benefit as theologians"

Original artwork instructions:

'RELIGION': Poster Bodoni

'AND THE etc': Vogue extra bold 14pt or Condensed Gothic 18pt 'JUNG'S': Poster Bodoni 30pt caps. 'J' 48pt caps

'PSYCHOLOGY': Vogue extra bold 14pt or

Condensed Gothic 24pt'

'See other layout for color'


Bollingen Series XXII

Essays on a Science of Mythology

C G Jung and Kerényi

Translated by R F C Hull


Bollingen Series XXIII

The Hieroglyphics of Horapollo

Translated by George Boas

Preliminary design.

Note misspelling of 'Hieroglyphics'


Bollingen Series XXV

The Dream of Poliphilo

Linda Fierz-David

Translated by Mary Hottinger

Foreword by C J Jung


Bollingen Series XXVI

Philosophies of India

Heinrich Zimmer

Edited by Joseph Campbell


Bollingen Series XXVII

The Two Crosses of Todos Santos

Maud Oakes

Introduced by Paul Radin


Bollingen Series XXVIII

Paracelsus: Selected Writings

Edited by Jolande Jacobi

Translated by Norberet Guterman

Foreword by C J Jung


Bollingen Series XXIV

The Art of Letters: Lu Chi’s “Wen Fu”, A. D. 302

E R Hughes

Foreword by I A Richards


Bollingen Series XXXII

African Folktales and Sculpture

Edited by Paul Radin & James Johnson Sweeney

Sweeney supplied 160 photographs (mostly by Eliot Eisofon and Walker Evans) of African masks and artefacts


Bollingen Series XXXIII

Selected Prose Hugo von Hofmannsthal:

Translated by Mary Hottinger and Tania

& James Stern

Introduced by Hermann Broch


Bollingen Series XXXIV


St-John Perse

Translated by Hugh Chisholm


Bollingen Series XXXV - 1

Creative Intuition in Art and Pottery:

The A W Mellon Lectures in Fine Arts:

Jacques Maritain

(30 books in the lecture series – published from 1952 – 1981)


Bollingen Series XXXVI

European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages

Ernst Robert Curtius

Translated by Willard R Trask


Bollingen Series XXXVIII

The Survival of the Pagan Gods

Jean Seznec

Translated by Barbara Sessions


Bollingen Series XLII

The Origins and History of Consciousness

Erich Neumann Translated by R F C Hull

Foreword by C J Jung

Date Unknown

Bollingen Series II

The Devil’s Share

Denis de Rougemont

Translated by Haakon Chevalier

It was de Rougemont who first introduced

his friend Alexis Leger (St-John Perse) to Mary Mellon

1st edition 1944

designed by Jacques Schiffrin



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