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E. McKnight Kauffer

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

E. McKnight Kauffer photo by Francis Brugière
(collection Graham Twemlow)

I have devoted many years of research to the work of the graphic artist E. McKnight Kauffer. For me, to understand the work, it is also essential to understand the man. And McKnight Kauffer, a complex person who certainly makes for compelling biographical research. His friend, and one time work colleague, Ashley Havinden, wrote “Ted Kauffer [possessed] a charming manner and persuasive way of describing his innermost thoughts [which] helped not only to win many doubting clients to his revolutionary ideas but also drew a large circle of friends and admirers towards him”. Part of what makes him so fascinating to me is the people around him: his seemingly pivotal role in connecting the nodes of a shifting network of so many of the 20th century’s most important avant-garde artists, writers, critics, publishers, and publicity managers

This research is an extension of that carried out for my PhD thesis – carried out in pre-internet days!

E. McKnight Kauffer: Poster Artist.

An Investigation into Poster Design and Production during the Inter-War Period using E. McKnight Kauffer’s

oeuvre as an Example (University of Reading, 2007)

I have been researching his book jacket designs – and have uncovered around 90 covers in addition to those previously listed. Look! We Have Come Through! by D.H. Lawrence was McKnight Kauffer’s first book jacket design. It was criticised by some and praised by others. “It is not meant to represent a fire escape, but it is an example of futurist art” wrote one critic.

E. McKnight Kauffer, jacket design
Look! We Have Come Through!, D.H Lawrence, Chatto & Windus, 1917

Posts in the section of my Blog will disseminate new stories about the work of McKnight Kauffer - research information that has not been revealed or published elsewhere



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